If you feel as if you are or might be in a Potentially violent or violent relationship here are some options for you to consider:

Do Not Take This Lightly…. What happened to Kaity could happen to you or anyone in your family.

  • Know that you are not to blame for the other person's behavior.
  • Do not feel you are alone – there are others and chances are the same person that victimized you has probably victimized others in the past or present.
  • Do not be embarrassed about this situation, you are Smart to recognize the situation and take action.
  • Talk with an adult – Parent, Aunt, Uncle, Teacher, Counselor, Coach, Sister or Brother.
  • With the help of an adult try to end the relationship immediately.
  • Contact the police and file a report if there is harassing behavior from the abuser or their friends. Law Enforcement should be able to explain what legal action you can take. If you are in Arizona you have Kaity’s Law to protect you. See the “Know Your Rights” web page for more information.
  • Consider changing your phone number and be careful about who you give your new number to.
  • Put the word out – Let the people that care about you know & keep them updated, they will look out for you.
  • Have a buddy system. Make sure you are with someone when you are out. If you are unable to find someone to accompany you don’t go. Your safety is more important than anything.
  • Exercise caution when answering the door at home. Use the peep hole. If you are home alone, and are not expecting anyone, do not go to the door if someone knocks or rings the bell.
  • Make sure that contact information in school files is current.
  • Make safe transportation arrangements
  • Know your legal rights to protection

When someone puts an end to a violent relationship, the situation can become quite a bit more dangerous for them. Therefore, it is very important that a safety plan is created and followed for quite awhile afterwards. Even if you don’t think the abuser will bother you it would not hurt to take some of these suggestions into consideration….

Helpful Links

National Teen Dating Violence Helpline: 866-331-9474 & TTY 866-331-8453

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